Who are This is Unfolded?

Sustainable fashion is a buzzword these days, but do we really know what it means? We all want to look our best and keep up with the latest trends, but at what cost to the planet and the people who make our clothes?

Enter This is Unfolded, a sustainable clothing brand that’s changing the game. This is Unfolded doesn’t just talk about sustainability – they live and breathe it.

They’re tackling the fashion industry’s waste problem head-on by producing clothes only when there’s demand for them, and ensuring that every piece is made to last.

How do This is Unfolded help the planet?

Did you know that 30% of all clothes made every year by clothing brands are never sold?

This means that 20 billion pieces of clothing will go straight to landfill THIS YEAR!

Unfolded tackle this by only making clothes on demand, which eliminates the 30% unsold clothing issue.

This is known as Sustainable Slow Fashion.

Not only do they avoid overproduction, but they also reduce carbon emissions associated with the fashion industry, by following a streamlined grouped shipment protocol.

When someone places an order of any these beautiful pieces, it is sent to the factory to be created. It can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to receive the item, as the creation needs to take place with the grouping of orders for bulk shipments.

Supporting children to learn to read to write

Giving back

What makes This is Unfolded unique along with their no-waste policy, is that their clothes are designed by leading designers in collaboration with 12,000+ women in the community who want to make a difference.

In addition to making sustainable clothes, This is Unfolded is also ethically responsible. They work with one factory in Noida near Delhi in which they have a close partnership with the team there.

They make sure that they have a close working relationship which means that they can look after the factory workers and team well. Their factory is a member of Sedex, a widely recognised online platform where registered companies openly share information about their social and ethical performance.

The designs are not only chic and stylish, but they’re also sustainable and affordable. And the best part? Every purchase supports children’s education in the communities around their factories in India through their NGO partner Pratham.

So, not only do you look good in their clothes, but you’re also doing good.

unfolded dragons den

How did This is Unfolded do on Dragons’ Den?

When Unfolded took on the Dragons with Cally Russell at the lead, they were able to receive three offers from Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden & Touker Suleyman. In the end Cally decided to turn down all of the offers, as they just too far apart from what Unfolded needed.

This is in fact the second time Cally Russell has turned down an offer from Peter Jones. He is the first person to go on Dragon’s Den and reject offers on both occasions, as the first time was back in 2015 when he was selling a stake in his business Mallzee.

In the end Cally says that he has ‘no regrets’ from turning down the offers, as Unfolded were able to raise £600,000 six weeks before filming the show & another £600,000 a couple of weeks after filming.

If you haven’t watched, you can find out how This is Unfolded fared when facing the dragons by watching the firey episode of Dragons’ Den on BBC iPlayer.