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Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing uses social media channels to promote your products or services to customers. Creating engaging content, imagery, videography, polls and other social media marketing strategies that will interest your target audience. This is to encourage them to engage with you, visit your website and purchase what you’re selling. Social media marketing campaigns should include a variety of content, to help you interact with your audience making use of both organic and paid opportunities.

Why use social media marketing?

The importance of social media marketing is huge. Globally social media platforms are used by almost 5 billion people, with many spending over 2 hours a day browsing. This provides plenty of opportunity to market your business to groups of this massive audience. Social media channels enable you to communicate instantly with potential new customers and is a proven effective way to generate brand recognition, encourage interaction and drive sales and revenue.

The We Are Digital team spend a great deal of time of social media ourselves, we understand what works well and how to make the most of opportunities. Let us transform your socials into a portfolio you can be proud of and one that drives sales and makes you money.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an evolving social media platform and one favoured by millions of users every day. For many businesses, marketing your business on Facebook is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. The audience data insights help to inform our paid marketing campaigns, to give you a medium through which to communicate quickly with your customers.

Our young and dynamic team create engaging social media content, that represents your brand correctly to drive higher click through rates to your website.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the perfect platform for beautiful products and arresting visual content. The We Are Digital team manage several Instagram accounts creating visually attractive imagery and video content to drive users to a particular conversion path.

Our team will help you devise a strategy that suits your business and maximises the opportunities, both paid and organic, this social media channel provides.

YouTube Marketing

Promoting your business on YouTube through engaging and exciting video content is another great way to drive traffic to your website. Our talented team have a passion for video editing and know what makes videos stand out.

We Are Digital create concepts, content and campaigns to effectively reach your target audience, building brand awareness and growing your business online.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is the place to find short snapshot videos and attracts incredible amounts of users every day. You can use this dynamic and fast-paced platform to market your business to younger customers, using engaging paid and organic content.

The We Are Digital team are users ourselves and are familiar with the type of engaging content users love. Let us help you create video ideas and concepts to promote your business to the millions of TikTok users.

Why Choose Us?

Making the most of your social media platforms takes time, time that businesses do not always have. An effective digital marketing strategy should include marketing across your relevant social media channels. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube but should extend to a variety of other social media platforms, depending on your type of business.

We Are Digital can help you manage your social media marketing in different ways. We can help you create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy so you have a clear plan of what needs doing, when and how, including how to use social media management tools, which you and your team can then implement. Alternatively, our team provide full social media marketing services which can include both organic and paid marketing strategies to maximise revenue.

Let's get to work on your social media marketing!