Our Services


We don’t like to use the word EXPERT lightly however, We Are Digital are extremely experienced at designing, implementing and growing ecommerce websites.

In particular, the team have worked with clients in the fashion and retail space, seeing their strategies reach sales increases of over 300%. Whether you’re finding your feet and just starting out, or looking for some guidance and support, our team are here to help.

Your goals are our goals, and we don’t discriminate – we’re happy working with clients of all shapes and sizes, on projects both big and small.

What is ecommerce anyway?

An ecommerce website is a website that conducts commercial transactions online. This can be a business-to-business ecommerce website (B2B), such as wholesaler websites, business-to-consumer ecommerce websites (B2C) & direct-to-consumer (D2C) websites.

Whatever you wish to sell online, we can help you choose the most appropriate selling platform, advise on software solutions, branding, budgets, and put in place a successful strategy for and growth.

We are confident that we can show you how to use data-driven buying and merchandising strategies to help influence better, more informed marketing decisions to boost sales revenue through a holistic approach to your ecommerce strategy.

Ecommerce Web Design

We will help you sell your products or services online.

Our web design services include creating beautiful bespoke ecommerce sites that have easy-to-navigate site structure, attractive imagery and are optimised to ensure a high-quality user experience.

Driving conversions is always a key factor that is considered when we design every ecommerce website, ensuring your site works hard for you.

Ecommerce Strategy

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a bit of direction with your ecommerce business strategy, We Are Digital will take a holistic view of your business and devise an ecommerce strategy that maximises opportunities to drive revenue.

Achieving your goals requires a clear, defined strategic plan to work towards. We will help you identify areas for improvement, make digital marketing activity recommendations and make suggestions for how to grow your business.

Re-platforming Projects

Is your current ecommerce platform working for you?

Is it easy to manage, intuitive and cost-effective?

We Are Digital believe that the digital platforms you use need to be the most suited to you, your products, your goals and your audience. If your ecommerce software is failing you, ditch it.

Our team will plan and implement your re-platforming project making this daunting task much easier, saving you time and energy.

Ecommerce Support

Occasionally we all need some expert advice about what to do next to take our business to that next stage.

Our team of experienced digital marketing consultants love working with ecommerce sites, and have helped many businesses achieve substantial growth in traffic and sales.

Let us talk through your next steps, put together a plan with decisive action points and hold your hand as you reach for that next level to grow your business online.

Why Choose Us?

Our data-centric approach to building an ecommerce business strategy has proved successful time and time again. Our experience has taught us that a business should work united across all departments, nurture healthy relationships between divisions, and take a holistic approach to business. This will help improve your ecommerce digital footprint and have a positive impact on your revenue. Let us help you grow your business with our experienced and friendly ecommerce consultants.

Ready to take your ecommerce ideas to the next level?