Lakeland Leather

Case Study
The Plan

Lakeland Leather approached We Are Digital for help setting up their affiliate marketing strategy. Enabling others to recommend your products online is a proven method for increasing traffic to your website and driving more sales.

An affiliate tracking program allows you to create and track affiliate links and ensure that you know where referrals came from. This helps manage the commission owed and gives insight as to where referrals are coming from. In addition to this the team suggested technical SEO improvements of their website to increase organic traffic.

We love working with ecommerce websites. Our MD was previously Director of Ecommerce for a fashion business for 5 years before setting up We Are Digital and enjoys working in this type of digital space. 


Lakeland Leather


Retail, Ecommerce


SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce


The Work

All our projects begin with a thorough site audit to identify technical errors, broken links, underperforming pages and ineffective site structure. This process also helps us identify opportunities and we use these data insights to create an effective marketing strategy that benefits the whole site, not just the area we’ve been asked to look at.

We designed the affiliate program for Lakeland Leather to compliment their website and boost sales online. At the same time, we fixed a range of technical SEO errors. The team carried out extensive keyword research and looked at which keywords were ranking versus those that weren’t. Following the research we implemented a content marketing strategy that reworked a lot of category page content improving keyword density and relevancy throughout.

We also launched an affiliate marketing program, a first for the business, which quickly grew revenue month on month via this new marketing channel.

The Results

The results of the SEO and content strategy were evident fairly quickly. We began to see a steady increase in impressions, CTR and website traffic. Further insights were provided that allowed us to evolve our content strategy and identify next steps for content creation based on the success of our initial reworking.

Affiliate marketing was launched 12 months ago and we have seen month on month growth building additonal revenue that accounts for around 15% of the total revenue each month.