Our Services


Branding is key – it’s how the customer identifies you. The way you communicate your brand is vital to your business’s success. We Are Digital are experienced at creating and launching new brands across a range of sectors. Our branding services help businesses build recognisable brands which stand out.

Brand Design

Designing a brand is a fun and collaborative process. We always start with a competitor analysis to understand how those in your industry are already communicating with their consumers. We work together to try to understand who your business is, what you stand for, who you think your consumer is or which consumers you want to attract.

We will carry out extensive market research on how your business is perceived by other people. Our creative team will then help design your brand and develop a tone of voice for your business along clear and consistent brand guidelines, ensuring that the brand that we build stands out from the crowd and is always recognisable.

Product Design

We Are Digital create product design concepts that reflect your business and appeal to your target markets. Brand recognition is vital for building relationships with your customers and your social media audience.

Your products, website, socials, digital content, PR and marketing materials should all be clearly recognisable. This consistency builds trust and will help distinguish your products from your competitors.


Your branding is only one element of your marketing but should be one of the first things you think about as it is the core of your new business. Much of what we do involves taking a holistic view of your business, considering budgets, capacity, audience, market, goals to create a brand that is bespoke to you and your aims.

Creating, or recreating, your branding gives you the best possible start to improving your digital presence and growing your business online.

Brand Marketing

We Are Digital will help you devise an effective brand marketing strategy, which will help communicate your brand and reinforce brand awareness. The quickest way to increase brand awareness is via paid media marketing and social media marketing.

Investment in brand marketing is a long-term project and may not immediately show a return on your investment. However, our team advise you on the most cost-effective ways to market your brand and drive more traffic to your website.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Digital know branding. We love storyboarding, pitching ideas and designing concepts.

Our creative designers are experienced at conjuring up designs that represent your business and appeal to your target markets. We work with our clients to find out what their business is about, what their values are and how they see themselves.

Our branding designs are created to reflect your business. From redesigns to concept creation, start-up businesses or established businesses, we enjoy working with clients large and small. Let our enthusiastic team magic your ideas into reality.

We make brands stand out!