Boost your business online and improve your digital footprint with our range of digital marketing services delivered by our passionate and dedicated digital team.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We Are Digital are experienced and enthusiastic specialists in all things digital. In addition to offering a wide range of digital marketing services, we equip our clients with vital knowledge and powerful insights enabling you to make effective commercial decisions that will benefit your business.


There is no dark art to search engine optimisation, or SEO, marketing. Thorough research followed by a sequence of logical processes will improve your organic SEO reach.

The We Are Digital team have SEO expert knowledge to help grow your business and we offer a comprehensive range of SEO services based on your budget and goals.

We Are Digital have extensive experience of designing, creating and managing ecommerce websites. Any website which conducts commercial transactions online is an ecommerce website, whether it is selling products or services.

We don’t often use the word experts, but when it comes to ecommerce marketing and ecommerce platforms, we would consider ourselves experts. Our digital ecommerce services support you from concept to completion and beyond, ensuring your site is set up to keep driving conversions.

The term affiliate marketing might sound confusing but working with affiliates just means letting other people recommend your products and services online and you pay them commission.

Affiliate links to your site posted on other websites drive extra revenue for your business and We Are Digital can help you set up, track and manage your affiliations easily, saving you precious time and effort.


Pay per click, or PPC, marketing is a type of paid for digital advertising where you pay a fee every time one of your adverts is clicked on. Our digital team are experienced at managing PPC campaigns, as well as other paid media marketing campaigns, and use their skills and knowledge to make sure your budget is spent in the most effective way.

We keep our fingers on the pulse and manage campaigns dynamically, often amending ads where opportunities arise. The PPC services we offer focus on your goals and budgets, and we work collaboratively and transparently with you to ensure value for money always.

Content is key for driving organic traffic to your website. Our digital marketing services include creative content marketing and content marketing strategy advice to ensure that your website content is keyword rich.

We use special software programs to carry out exhaustive keyword research before beginning content creation so the text on your website is working hard to drive traffic. An effective content strategy will include optimising website content, blog ideation and creation and evaluating all meta data

Want to sell your products on digital marketplace websites? Navigating the options, platforms, pricing and stock options can be confusing and overwhelming. We Are Digital can help take the stress out of setting this up and managing it for you.

We have first-hand experience in working with marketplace marketing on sites such as Amazon marketplace, Frugo, eBay and others and will help you list your products, manage supply and demand and how to fulfil your orders taken via these online marketplace platforms.

Ad hoc digital marketing and short-term campaigns are ineffective without a wider digital marketing strategy in place to drive consistent results and build your digital footprint.

Having worked with clients both as a digital marketing agency and as clients ourselves, We Are Digital know how to plan marketing activities that deliver conversions, raise brand awareness and maximise opportunities in the market.

Having us as an honorary member of your team gives you the best possible chance of success in competitive digital markets.

Among our well-stocked arsenal of digital tools, is a creative team of web designers who consciously produce websites that not only look beautiful but that consider the user experience and the journey visitors take across the site.

We understand that web design takes into consideration so much more than just aesthetics. Our team work collaboratively with you to make your vision a reality and ensure that your site drives conversions at every possible opportunity.

Effective digital marketing works wonders when you are also a web design agency and the sales site you are promoting is geared up to maximise opportunities.

We Are Digital can make sure that you target those opportunities best suited to your products or services and take the confusion out of marketing on social media. Often social media marketing goes hand in hand with other digital marketing services as strong imagery, easily recognisable branding and persuasive web design will ultimately drive conversions.

We can help you put together a social media strategy to find those opportunities right for you and hold your hand as you navigate the daunting but exciting social media stratosphere.

Our talented team have designed and brought to market a wide range of products and are adept at creating brand concepts that appeal to relevant audiences. Not only do we design branding as part of our web design services, we will also bring your brand visions to life and create a suite of marketing materials that reflect your ethos and values.

Alongside our brand design services we’ll work with you and your team to develop a brand marketing strategy to raise awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website.