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Content Marketing.

Content marketing is about using the text on your website to deliver your message succinctly and demonstrating the relevance of your product or service to your target audience. Digital content can be found at both the bottom of your webpages or at the top, but the purpose is usually to help your customers understand what you’re offering and why it they need it. Clever content creation will help convert visitors to your website by generating interest and increasing brand recognition.

Smart Content Marketing

Google and other search engines love rich content. This doesn’t mean long rambling paragraphs or lengthy descriptions but instead content that is relevant to your audience, informative about your products and services, rich in keywords, and always engaging. Becoming the authority on your chosen topic will drive traffic to your site and build your organic reach.

Search engines reward your expertly written content by improving your rankings, which will increase your site impressions and drive more conversions. Our content marketing services aim to work in collaboration with you. Our expertise can be used across a range of different types of content marketing from blogs, PR, social media, paid media marketing, web design and SEO strategy.

Content Creation

The content on your website should be engaging, relevant to your audience and optimised with the right keywords. Writing strategic content is a skill and one that the We Are Digital excel at. We research our topics thoroughly before producing high-quality, rich content.

Your content will be indexed by search engines and the better it performs, the better your search engine ranking will be. Let us make your content shine and work harder for you.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a promotional strategy that drives traffic to your website, increases brand awareness and increases your social following. We Are Digital will help you plan concepts, deliver projects and track performance metrics from your campaigns.

Success is measurable and digital PR done well is a proven tactic for increasing your brands engagement with your digital audience.

Audience Analysis

Knowing your audience is the key to engaging with them. We use a variety of special software programs to research audience data. This rich data is pivotal for designing relevant content and campaigns that appeal to the right people with the right interests.

We Are Digital believe that relevant marketing is the secret to driving conversions on your website. If what you publish does not attract the right demographic, then it’s time and energy wasted.

Competitor Research

Knowing your competitors is just as important as knowing your audience. Being aware of the players competing against you in your industry market is vital to creating an effective digital marketing strategy. Taking market share from your competitors will drive revenue growth.

Pitching your content and campaigns against your competitors needs thought and insight. We Are Digital can provide the tools and data you need to drive market share and increase high-quality traffic to your site.

Content Review

We Are Digital are happy to review your existing content and make recommendations for improvement.

Let us carry out the research and provide you with valuable insights to help optimise your content for maximum engagement.

Content Marketing Strategy

Having a content management strategy means you plan ahead and prioritise what needs tackling first. We Are Digital will look at your content as a whole and help you decide your next moves, what needs doing first and how to appeal to your target audience.

A wider content strategy will be informed by data from your audience metrics, your website analytics and market trends. This is to ensure that you’re creating the right content at the right times, and also in the right sequence to drive maximum engagement.

Why Choose Us?

Our team have a deep understanding of how content marketing drives engagement. We have seen the benefits of optimising onsite content on organic SEO impressions and conversion metrics, we know what works. We’ll always carry out a thorough audit before committing to any work, we will ensure that what we propose is the right strategy for your business.

We Are Digital take a collaborative approach and will never bill you for work we haven’t done. Our team are talented writers and will create engaging and relevant content for your website that reflects your brand and adds at least ten times more value to the page. We are knowledgeable across all industry sectors and what we don’t know, we learn fast.

Let us help you tell your story