TryBooking UK

Case Study
The Plan

TryBooking are a UK based online event ticketing platform that work with businesses and organisations across the whole industry spectrum. We Are Digital were enlisted to help with a new website migration, ensuring that the new site had a more refined search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and infrastructure in place. This strategy included paid media marketing, including pay per click (PPC), and general digital marketing strategy advice. We also work alongside TryBooking giving ongoing digital marketing training on platforms such as Google Analytics and Umbraco.

When TryBooking launched their new site in 2021, the migration had to be handled carefully to maintain their online visibility, ensuring site performance didn’t decline. During the pandemic when all in-person events were cancelled, TryBooking thrived as companies took their events online and needed a way for people to book easily with online payments. In preparation for events beginning again in the UK, we helped TryBooking structure a highly optimised paid media campaign to raise their brand awareness.


TryBooking UK




PPC, Digital Marketing Strategy and Consultancy, Digital Marketing Training, Content Management, Technical SEO and Onsite SEO Implementation 


The Work

We Are Digital managed the site migration by ensuring backlinks worked, content was relevant and engaging, and meta data was accurate. Once the new site was live, we worked closely with TryBooking on a series of paid media marketing campaigns to target competitor searches and funnel them through to the TryBooking site.

In an aggressive and competitive paid media market we needed to ensure that budget was spent strategically, whilst at the same time maximising organic opportunities, and keeping the cost per click reasonable.

We have worked with members of the TryBooking team to deliver Google Analytics and Umbraco training, so that they can also monitor opportunities and use the data insights to influence their email marketing and new content for the website.

What TryBooking Think

The Results

TryBooking have continued to grow, despite the seasonality of the events business, and have seen over 100% more traffic to their website with over 100% more clicks through.

Conversions have almost doubled and we’re seeing the business go from strength to strength month on month. We have built more pages for their website, created blog content to drive traffic and improved keyword density throughout.

1 %

Increase in accounts created


New keywords indexed

1 %

Increase in “ticketing” impression share