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Our experienced team excel at dealing with a variety of digital marketplace platforms and are adept at negotiating and implementing effective marketplace strategies. Let us make your online marketplace venture a successful and profitable one.

What is a digital marketplace?

A digital marketplace, also known as an online marketplace, is a type of ecommerce website where multiple third-party suppliers offer their products or services to consumers. This type of platform is used by both buyers and sellers, matching those wanting a particular product or service with those who are offering it.

A successful example of this would be Amazon, where multiple vendors offer their products to online consumers. Our digital marketplace specialists will help you negotiate this fast-paced and every growing industry.

Amazon Marketplace

Selling your products on marketplace websites such as Amazon means that your products and brands are promoted to millions of daily users. Amazon offer sellers a variety of ways to list your products with them.

Starting out might be confusing at first, but We Are Digital are familiar with Amazon for businesses and will help you decide how to make the most of this online retail giant.

eBay Marketplace

Listing your products on a popular marketplace such as eBay, in addition to selling them on your own website, is a great way to increase your sales. Managing digital marketplaces is an effective way of promoting your brand and capitalising on the millions of eBay platform users.

Let us take the stress and confusion out of navigating online marketplaces and we’ll set up your selling profile and get your products in front of the right audience.

Fruugo Marketplace

Fruugo is a global marketplace which is based in the UK. If you’re wanting to sell your products via an online marketplace to the international market, then Fruugo is an excellent platform to use.

We Are Digital will set up your product listings, preferences and profile saving you time and effort. Digital marketplaces such as Fruugo put your products in front of millions of customers and are a great way to drive sales.

Why Choose Us?

Online marketplaces have millions of daily users from all over the world. They are often one-stop shops for people wanting to buy products online. In addition to your own website, selling your products on successful digital marketplaces will boost your sales, increase brand awareness and improve your digital footprint.

We Are Digital have created products from concept to retail in a variety of industry sectors and have extensive experience managing marketplace marketing. Let us get your marketplace journey off to a head start and put an easy-to-manage strategy in place which will increase your sales and take any stress out of negotiating these digital platforms.

Optimise your marketplaces today!