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Cookie Policy


Cookies are what we use to help us operate the website and associated marketing in the most effective way possible.

They help us access how you use our website and how we can improve it based on that information which could include issues with website pages, issues with browser types using our site and or devices. It also helps us give you relevant marketing messages based on your preferences and how you use our website.

What is a Cookie

A cookie is a file containing a unique identifier that is made up of letters and numbers that is initially sent by a web server to a website browser (Google, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and others) this cookie is then stores by the browser. This cookie is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a new page from the server or in some circumstance interacts with a page that generates an asset. These cookies help us understand how you have used our website and remember your preferences helping us to improve your overall experience on the site. Cookies can also help your browser remember your website logins for example.

How We Use Cookies

Our website uses cookies to help understand how people use our website and can be broken down into different types.

Analytics and Performance Cookies

These allow us to understand the behaviour of users on our website including information like pages visited, number of visits, browser type, time on site and we use Google Analytics as the platform to track this information. Why do we need this information? We need this as it helps us improve the overall performance of the website and deliver a much better experience for our visitors.

Necessary Cookies

These are cookies that form an essential part of the website and are required to enable certain parts of the website to function. This includes things this logging into the customer areas of the website.

Targeting Cookies

These cookies record your website visit and the pages you have visited while on the site and we use this information to tailor our marketing activity to display products that have relevancy to the user based on that behaviour onsite.