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Affiliate Marketing.

We Are Digital provide comprehensive digital marketing services, and because our specialty is ecommerce and retail, we have extensive experience building, growing and nurturing all types of websites.

As part of the services we offer, our team can help you create and manage your affiliate marketing strategy, helping you to drive traffic to your website and increase sales even as you sleep.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where a third-party website refers a consumer to your products or services online which results in a sale or booking. You then reward the third-party referrer with a commission or fee. An example of this, is where a website might review a range of products and provide a link to buy the products on a retailer website, such as Amazon.

Amazon then pay a commission to the reviewer if a sale is made. Sales are tracked through affiliate links which is an internal linking strategy between the two sites. This type of affiliation is mutually beneficial as the reviewer is rewarded for their referrals and the retailer benefits from sales driven by the reviewer, albeit at a small cost.

Why use affiliate marketing?

The benefits of working with affiliates as an ecommerce site are that you can generate extra revenue with very little input and at a low cost, i.e., the commission you pay.

If you are the third-party affiliate yourself then this is a great way to generate revenue from a non-ecommerce website.

The affiliate marketing industry is a fast-growing one with affiliate sales producing billions in sales each year.

How we can help

Our team have lots of experience working with affiliate marketing sites.

We have clients who both receive and pay for affiliate marketing and the team can advise on how create, implement and track successful affiliate programs.

We Are Digital can provide this service as part of a wider digital marketing strategy, in conjunction with ecommerce support or as a standalone service.

Why Choose Us?

Affiliate marketing is a booming business and we’ve been shouting about this for years! Our team have created affiliate websites, managed affiliate links for clients and put affiliate tracking in place. Affiliate links help build page authority with search engines so will help to increase your ranking too. Let other websites send you customers and increase your revenue.

We know our stuff. Trust in us and we’ll set your business up for affiliate success and help you grow your business online.

Ready to start generating sales, even as you sleep?